Our Client

                                                                                                                       WHY US?


·         We have a pool of quality trainers that owns different type of skillsets and experiences.


·         Apart from that, we also do customize trainings to meet objective for example, in an excel course, we will detect and determine on what to focus based on what our clients really need

   The support team that we have is absolutely amazing, this is because, they will assist you from a to z including human resources development (HRDF) claiming and “on field” as well on that particular training. To gain trust or strong relationship with our clients, we came out with one solution which is the pre and post checklist


·         So, this is to help detect what are their weaknesses and transform their weaknesses to your strongest point. This is similar to customize trainings and this is also to maximize the training solution itself


·         We prepared rebates and loyalty program for example for a complimentary team building event if we receive a “series program” from a certain clients. A series program is an on-going training with TIFTAZANI RESOURCES that includes 7 – 10 courses of training in a year. 


·         Last but not least, delivering best services or values that we hold on strong in satisfying both parties