Company Profile

At TIFTAZANI RESOURCES SDN BHD we are committed in delivering excellent services along with informative and strategic training to strive along the modern working environment nowadays.

Moving together proud alongside with experienced trainers and our team that will assist you to discover and explore of what we need in order to achieve success now and in the future.

Furthermore, we also offer specific customized training based on what you really need as it will help you determine flaws in our daily working tasks generally and to fix it in order to sustain performs in workplace.

Being a solution provider has developed us in many ways, this includes being a channel from the trainers and our clients. Having a pool of trainers also brings varieties of skills as well, I believe most of our trainers have been working on their modules all their life and they also have been very focused and determined in delivering informative knowledge.


All of their experiences has been gathered in their modules to express their expertise. And then we have our clients, that I strongly believe that is looking for the best guru to teach them, and by finding the best guru, it would be best if it is packaged with excellent service. And yet, our clients have a very limited time, and that is why we offered our services.